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Wolverhampton - Watercolour & Ink - 80cm x 30cm

Wolverhampton - Watercolour & Ink - 80cm x 30cm


This is one that I’ve been thinking about for ages but it’s was so hard to choose the places that sum up Wolverhampton to me - there are many places that mean a lot that got left out but here’s what I went with:


Beatties - I spent hours and hours in the toy department when I was a kid and later, when I became sophisticated; the cafe 

The man on the horse - where you would meet before mobile phones were invented

The Newhampton - the best pub in the world

The Stile  - football and pool

The Molineux - Up The Wolves

Chapel Ash Kebab House - the best chilli sauce

West Park - the calm in the storm


The print is the same size on heavy weight, good quality watercolour paper.


The original picture is 80cm x 30cm and the frame is 90cm x 40cm

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